Great War Axe

weapon (melee)

+2 Battleaxe of Wounding

Damage: 1d12+2
Critical: X3
Weight: 8 lb
Type: Slashing

30 ft Fear radius (will DC 16 partial)

Wounding: deals 1 point of bleed damage when it hits a creature. Multiple hits from a wounding weapon increase the bleed damage.

Critiacl Hit: it does d4 of Con. Dmg. The Con Dmg is now added to the Dmg that the axe does for the day. (if you do 4 pts of Con. Dmg. you add +4 to the dmg.)

Blood of the Fallen: The Bloodaxe drinks the blood of it’s foes and use it to heal his weilder. What the d12 does in dmg it heals the weilder, only the dice dmg not the magic or str. plus.



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