Holy Armband of Messis

It's a silver armband that looks like a vine rapping around the arm.


Those who are Chosen to use it will get the Exotic Weapon Feat (Whip)
First command, it can become a 2 Whip.
Dmg. 1D2
2, Critical x2, range 15 ft. weight 2 lb. Type Slashing
Second command it turns in to a 50 feet animated vine. That can be commanded, like an animated rope.
It has 25 hit points. If it is broken it returns to the armband and takes seven days before it can be used again.

Grants Barkskin to wearer (Grants +2 enhancement to natural armor)

Shooting Thorns: You can now shot thorns.
Dmg(S) 1d8 Dmg(M) 1d10 Critical 19-20/x2 Range 120 ft. Type P


Holy Armband of Messis

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