Talon of the Heavens

The Scepter is about 16” long rod made of a blackin wood with silver inlays. The head looks like a 4 finger bird craw holding a brass egg.


+ 3 Scepter of Demon Bane
Damage: 1d6+3 (2d6 +3 vs Demons)
Critical: 19-20/X2
Weight: 2 lb
Type: Bashing

The Scepter has an intelligence of it’s own. He is a old scepter and willing serve a true ruler.
First power: he has is polymorph self.

Second power Resistance Cold 15 point of Damage per round.

Third power: The one he serves gains a breath weapon. This breath weapon deals 1d6 points of Cold damage per wielder level. Breath shape is a 30 ft cone. Reflex save for ½ damage, the DC is 10+1/2 level + Chr modifier.

Forth power: Fly, The one he serves grow silver wings and flies 200 ft. (average) 3+ Con per day.


Talon of the Heavens

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